TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Disease Project for the Nervous System

Each student chose a Disease or Disorder of the Brain (Nervous System). Their assignment was to conduct research that required each student to give an oral presentation to the class identifying specific information. This information consisted of identifying signs & symptoms, diagnosis, probable prognosis, current treatment(s) (tests, medications, procedures, X-ray, CT Scans, surgeries), and identifying scholarly websites utilized. 

The 2nd part of the project was for each student to construct and or make a brain that would show the area (lobe(s) or region of the brain that their disease affects. 

Laney Cullipher had chosen TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and she constructed a brain using multi-colored gummy worms, a Styrofoam hard mannequin head/neck, and created a face. She indicated the victim was stabbed in the left eye, and the knife penetrated the Frontal lobe of the brain-damaging this lobe that is responsible for emotions, personality, intellect, morality, speech, voluntary movement, and short-term memory. She also identified the spinal cord using the multi-colored gummy worms.