College Recruiting Information



Marlboro County High School is happy to announce that we are now offering free software that tracks and prepares students academically for playing college sports, known as CoreCourseGPA. An informational letter to parents is linked below. This letter covers the steps and abilities CoreCourseGPA has to offer for your student. A memo is also linked below acknowledging that academic requirements will vary between high school and college.

MCHS Parent Letter

Memo of Understanding

QRE Scan for Core Course Tabulator

For more information, visit This provides your athletes a free, convenient, on-demand resource to educate them on many topics critical to the recruiting process, including:

*Three rules of being a parent
*Scholarship myths and facts
*NAIA and JUCO education
*Scholarships, do they differ?
*The Name Game
*Negotiate/Cooperative Education
*Dangers of social networking/cell phones/Saving for College
*National Letter of Intent
*NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers
*Recruiting Services


 seal      By Marlboro County High School Athletics on December 7, 2017